The Kepler 90 Planetary System

Do other stars have planetary systems like our own? Yes — one such system is Kepler-90. Cataloged by the Kepler satellite that operated from Earth orbit between 2009 and 2018, eight planets were discovered, giving Kepler-90 the same number of known planets as our Solar System. Similarities between Kepler-90 and our system include a G-type star comparable to our Sun, rocky planets comparable to our Earth, and large planets comparable in size to Jupiter and Saturn. Differences include that all of the known Kepler-90 planets orbit relatively close in — closer than Earth’s orbit around the Sun — making them possibly too hot to harbor life. However, observations over longer time periods may discover cooler planets further out. Kepler-90 lies about 2,500 light years away, and at magnitude 14 is visible with a medium-sized telescope toward the constellation of the Dragon (Draco). The exoplanet-finding mission TESS was launched in 2018, while missions with exoplanet finding capability planned for launch in the next decade include NASA’s JWST and WFIRST. via NASA

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Wikipedia article of the day for April 28, 2020

Wikipedia article of the day is Alf Ramsey. Check it out: Summary: Alf Ramsey (22Β JanuaryΒ 1920 – 28Β AprilΒ 1999) was an English football player and manager. As England manager from 1963 to 1974, he guided them to victory in the 1966 FIFA World Cup. Knighted in 1967, he also managed his country to third place in the 1968 European Championship and the quarter-finals of the 1970 World Cup and the 1972 European Championship. As a player, he was a defender and a member of England’s 1950 World Cup squad, and a part of the Tottenham Hotspur side that won the English League championship in the 1950–51 season. A statue of Ramsey was dedicated at the reconstructed Wembley Stadium in 2009, and various honours have been afforded to him for his eight years as Ipswich Town manager. He is the first person to be inducted twice into the English Football Hall of Fame: in 2002 in recognition of his achievements as a manager, and again in 2010 for his achievements as a player. He remains widely regarded as one of British football’s all-time great managers.