Preffered way to plot charts and draw SVGs via /r/reactjs

Hi guys, I’m new to React and I absolutely love it so far.

I have a question regarding the plotting charts and other SVGs (well basically, the functionality of D3 library).

Currently I need to draw some rectangle and circles on some images, so I’m wondering what is the preferred way to do this?

I usually used D3 as mentioned before, but I read that in React, D3 is supposed to use ref and by that real DOM which isn’t preferred way, so is there an alternative or is using d3-react okay?

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A global survey of when people think the pandemic will end via /r/reactjs

Hello! We built and launched this site in 3 days with React + Next.js on the front-end and Node + Sequelize + FeathersJS + Postgres on the backend

Tell us what you think and submit a guess!

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If you think wearing a mask is too much, just avoid crowded places by checking in advance! via /r/reactjs

I share this Crowdy website that gives us the population density information before you go somewhere to avoid coronavirus.

A quick read:

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Clean create-react-app template via /r/reactjs

As I've been learning react lately, always creating react apps with the basic npx CRA command and I found myself always deleting the extra stuff generated (test files, service worker, etc.), which I wasn't ever using; I don't think many are either, specially in small or learning projects. So, I decided to create a template called clean-cra. It removes test files, icons, tags inside public html and app jsx, service worker files and unnecesary imports after that cleanup. Also keeps only index.css for styles, which now includes original cra template background color. I'm dropping the npm link so you guys can give it a try (instructions of use care there). I know this might be something trivial, but I know it will save time for many newcomers and maybe even old react developers. Cheers to all.

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Galaxy Wars: M81 and M82

These two galaxies are far far away, 12 million light-years distant toward the northern constellation of the Great Bear. On the left, with grand spiral arms and bright yellow core is spiral galaxy M81, some 100,000 light-years across. On the right marked by red gas and dust clouds, is irregular galaxy M82. The pair have been locked in gravitational combat for a billion years. Gravity from each galaxy has profoundly affected the other during a series of cosmic close encounters. Their last go-round lasted about 100 million years and likely raised density waves rippling around M81, resulting in the richness of M81’s spiral arms. M82 was left with violent star forming regions and colliding gas clouds so energetic the galaxy glows in X-rays. In the next few billion years, their continuing gravitational encounters will result in a merger, and a single galaxy will remain. via NASA

Wikipedia article of the day for May 15, 2020

Wikipedia article of the day is Claudio Monteverdi. Check it out: Summary: Claudio Monteverdi (15 May 1567 – 29 November 1643) was an Italian composer, string player and maestro di cappella. A composer of both secular and sacred music, and a pioneer in the development of opera, he is considered a transitional figure between the Renaissance and the Baroque periods of music history. He was a court musician in Mantua (c. 1590 – 1613), and then maestro di cappella at St Mark’s Basilica in the Republic of Venice. His surviving music includes nine books of madrigals, in the tradition of earlier Renaissance polyphony – but also experimenting with the basso continuo technique, distinctive of the Baroque – as well as large-scale sacred works, including the Vespro della Beata Vergine (Vespers for the Blessed Virgin), and three complete operas. His music enjoyed a rediscovery from the 1880s onwards, and he is now seen as a significant influence in European musical history. Seven of his operas have been lost, but his L’Orfeo (1607) is the earliest opera that is still widely performed.

Coins95 – cryptocurrency portfolio app with Windows 95 UI via /r/reactjs

Hi! 👨‍💻I’ve built this app as a proof of concept to show off capabilities of the React95 component library
that I’ve been working on with couple of other people for almost two years now.
Even if you are not interested in crypto you should try it on your mobile to experience how fun it is to use Windows 95 UI in a modern web app. There’s lots of color themes to choose from and you can add app to your homescreen and enjoy it in fullscreen mode.

I’ve used React95@beta which has lots of new components and themes. (soon to be released as v3.0)

Let me know what you think,
Thanks! ♥️

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