Stable state manager for any framework including React

Three years ago I was looking for a way to separate business logic from the presentation layer.

I want to send some kind of events from my components (I use React now), and implement all logic in another place (ex.: model). My view layer should know nothing about model implementation details.

Now I have 1+ years of experience in Effector. You should give a try with effector:


Open source:

from Stable state manager for any framework including React

Cyklone – React Orchestration Appliance

I'm working on a Orchestration Appliance to manage React 'instances' in terms of

  • Building React,
  • Deploying Packages to specific react instances,
  • Serving React Applications (Fastify),
  • Maintaining Nginx configurations,
  • Cloudflare Configurations + Certbot
  • Managing Systemd files for Fastify
  • configurations

Screenshots + Placeholder repo:

I'm wondering if you guys had a wish-list that you'd love to see, or any pain points? Personally for me, my setup didn't allow using websockets to use a hot-reloading test environment, so I had to manually start a build from the command line each time. So now using optimized file watching and beating every bug Node.js has with, I came to this!

To speed up initial development, most options were hard coded which I'm steadily branching out to allow user options, an actual release will be coming in the immediate future. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

from Cyklone – React Orchestration Appliance

The Milky Way over Snow Capped Himalayas

What’s higher than the Himalayas? Although the Himalayan Mountains are the tallest on planet Earth, they don’t measure up to the Milky Way. Visible above the snow-capped mountains in the featured image is the arcing central band of our home galaxy. The bright spot just above the central plane is the planet Jupiter, while the brightest orange spot on the upper right is the star Antares. The astrophotographer braved below-zero temperatures at nearly 4,000-meters altitude to take the photographs that compose this image. The featured picture is a composite of eight exposures taken with same camera and from the same location over three hours, just after sunset, in 2019 April, from near Bimtang Lake in Nepal. Over much of planet Earth, the planets Mercury (faint) and Venus (bright) will be visible this week after sunset.

Wikipedia article of the day for May 26, 2020

Wikipedia article of the day is Paul E. Patton. Check it out: Summary: Paul E. Patton (born MayΒ 26, 1937) is an American politician who served as the 59th governor of Kentucky from 1995 to 2003. He became wealthy operating coal mines for 20Β years, then sold most of his coal interests in the late 1970s and entered politics. After serving briefly in the cabinet of Governor John Y. BrownΒ Jr. and chairing the state Democratic Party, he was elected lieutenant governor in 1991. Four years later, he was elected governor over the Republican Party’s Larry Forgy. The major achievement of Patton’s first term was overhauling higher education, including making the state’s community colleges and technical schools independent of the University of Kentucky and organizing them into the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. Because of a 1992 amendment to the Kentucky Constitution, he was the first governor eligible to succeed himself in office since James Garrard in 1800, and he was re-elected in 1999.