Novel Coronavirus Attacks Humanity

Humanity is under attack. The attack is not from large tentacle-flailing aliens, but from invaders so small they can barely be seen, and so strange they are not even clearly alive. All over planet Earth, the human home world, DNA-based humans are being invaded by the RNA-based SARS-CoV2. The virus, which creates a disease known as COVID-19, specializes in reprogramming human cells into zombies that manufacture and release copies of itself. Pictured here is a high magnification image of a human cell covered by attacking novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 (orange). Epic battles where two species square off in a fight to the death are not unusual on Earth, with several just involving humans typically ongoing at any time. Even so, most humans are predicted to survive. After several years, humanity expects to win this war — but only after millions of humans have died and trillions of coronaviruses have been destroyed. via wordpress

Wikipedia article of the day for June 2, 2020

Wikipedia article of the day is Adore (The Smashing Pumpkins album). Check it out: Summary: Adore is the fourth studio album by the American alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins (vocalist Billy Corgan pictured), released on JuneΒ 2, 1998, by Virgin Records. After the multi-platinum success of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and subsequent tour, the Pumpkins’ follow-up album was highly anticipated, but drummer Jimmy Chamberlin had left the band, and the recording of Adore was challenging. The album featured a more subdued and electronica-tinged sound than the band’s previous work; Greg Kot of Rolling Stone magazine called it “a complete break with the past”. Sales for the album were far less than for the band’s previous two albums, but it became the third straight Pumpkins album to be nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Performance. It was well received by critics, and has gained a cult following. A remastered and expanded version of the album was released on CD, vinyl and other formats in SeptemberΒ 2014.