Orion over Argentine Mountains

Do you recognize the constellation of Orion? It may be harder than usual in today’s featured image because the camera has zoomed in on the center, and the exposure is long enough to enhance nebulas beyond what the unaided human eye can see. Still, once you become oriented, you can see Orion’s three belt stars lined up vertically near the image center, and even locate the familiar Orion Nebula on the upper left. Famous faint features that are also visible include the dark Horsehead Nebula indentation near the image center, and the dusty Flame Nebula just to its right. Part of the Orion-encircling Barnard’s Loop can also be found on the far right. The image combines multiple sky-tracking shots of the background in different colors with a single static foreground exposure taken at twilight — all captured with the same camera and from the same location. The picturesque scene was captured early last year from mountains in San Juan, Argentina. via wordpress https://wp.me/p4wJUi-6Lo

Nasdaq is down -0.02% in premarket

Do not put all your eggs in one basket
June 08, 2020
Stock Futures Premarket Data
08:55AM ET
S&P 500
Dow Jones
S&P 500
1d 2.62%
5d 4.52% 1m 12.13%
3m 7.45% 6m 1.53%
1y 12.32% 5y 53.61%
10y 204.05%
1d 2.06%
5d 2.74% 1m 10.84%
3m 14.44% 6m 13.37%
1y 28.87% 5y 95.44%
10y 351.45%
Dow Jones
1d 3.15%
5d 6.42% 1m 14.56%
3m 4.82% 6m -3.23%
1y 5.41% 5y 52.6%
10y 176.18%

Wikipedia article of the day for June 9, 2020

Wikipedia article of the day is All Souls (TV series). Check it out: https://ift.tt/2l3K2XX Summary: All Souls is an American paranormal hospital drama television series created by Stuart Gillard and Stephen Tolkin and inspired by Lars von Trier’s miniseries The Kingdom. It originally aired for a six-episode season on UPN in 2001. The series follows the medical staff of the haunted teaching hospital All Souls. While working as a medical intern, Dr.ย Mitchell Grace, portrayed by Grayson McCouch (pictured), discovers that the doctors are running unethical experiments on their patients. Filming took place in Montreal, Canada, in a working psychiatric hospital. All Souls had low viewership, and has not been released on home video or through streaming services. Critical response was primarily positive; commentators praised its use of horror and paranormal elements. Critics had mixed reviews for the show’s content and style when compared to other horror and science-fiction television series, such as The X-Files and the work of American writer Stephen King.