Wikipedia article of the day for June 14, 2020

Wikipedia article of the day is Operation Inmate. Check it out: Summary: Operation Inmate was an attack by the British Pacific Fleet against Japanese positions on the isolated islands of Truk Atoll in the central Pacific Ocean during the Second World War. On 14Β JuneΒ 1945, British aircraft from the aircraft carrier HMSΒ Implacable conducted a series of raids against Japanese positions. The next morning, several islands were bombarded by British and Canadian cruisers, though with little success. Further air strikes took place in the afternoon and night of 15 June before the Allied force returned to its base. The attacks were conducted to provide combat experience ahead of the fleet’s involvement in more demanding operations off the Japanese home islands. The attack was considered successful by the Allies, with ships and air units gaining useful experience while suffering two fatalities and the loss of seven aircraft to combat and accidents. The damage to the Japanese facilities in the atoll was modest.