Picture of the day for June 16, 2020

Wikipedia picture of the day on June 16, 2020: Image of the Virgin of Los Remedios (“Lady of the Cures”) in the homonymous Baroque chapel of the church of John the Baptist, Ágreda, province of Soria, Castile and León, Spain. The chapel was built in 1697 by Count of Villarea. The originally Romanesque church (visible in its portal) was built in the second half of the 12th century and reworked in the 16th century with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements, while the reredos behind the image dates from the 18th century. https://wp.me/p4wJUi-6OF

Wikipedia article of the day for June 16, 2020

Wikipedia article of the day is 1944 Cuba–Florida hurricane. Check it out: https://ift.tt/2UL9eUb Summary: The 1944 Cuba–Florida hurricane was a large Category 4 tropical cyclone that caused widespread damage across the western Caribbean Sea and the Southeastern United States. It inflicted over US$100 million in damage and was responsible for at least 318 deaths. The unprecedented availability of meteorological data during the hurricane marked a turning point in the United States Weather Bureau’s ability to forecast tropical cyclones. The system became a tropical storm on October 12 and intensified into a hurricane the next day. On October 18, it made landfall on western Cuba at peak strength with reported winds of 145 mph (230 km/h). At least 300 people were killed in Cuba, which suffered extensive damage from winds and storm surge, especially in the Havana area. Numerous ships sank in Havana Harbor. On October 19 the storm made a final landfall near Sarasota, Florida, as a Category 2 hurricane. Eighteen people were killed in Florida, half of those from the loss of a ship in Tampa Bay.