Wikipedia article of the day for June 25, 2020

Wikipedia article of the day is The Thrill Book. Check it out: Summary: The Thrill Book was an American pulp magazine published by Street & Smith in 1919. The first eight issues, edited by Harold Hersey, were a mixture of adventure and weird stories. Contributors included Greye La Spina, Charles Fulton Oursler, J.Β H. Coryell, and Seabury Quinn. Ronald Oliphant, Hersey’s replacement, printed more science fiction and fantasy, though this included two stories Hersey had purchased from Murray Leinster. The best-known story from The Thrill Book is The Heads of Cerberus, a very early example of a novel about alternate time tracks, by Francis Stevens. Oliphant’s larger budget attracted popular writers such as H.Β Bedford-Jones, but the magazine ran for only eight more issues, the last dated OctoberΒ 15, 1919. Historians regard The Thrill Book as a forerunner of Weird Tales and Amazing Stories, the first true specialized magazines in the fields of weird fiction and science fiction, respectively.