Wikipedia article of the day for March 19, 2021

Wikipedia article of the day is University of Washington station. Check it out: Summary: University of Washington is a light rail station located on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, Washington, United States. The station is served by Sound Transit’s Link light rail system and is the current northern terminus of Line 1. University of Washington station is located adjacent to Husky Stadium and the University of Washington Medical Center. It consists of an underground island platform connected to a surface entrance by elevators and escalators. A pedestrian bridge over Montlake Boulevard connects the station to the University of Washington campus, the Burke–Gilman Trail, and a set of bus stops served by King County Metro and Sound Transit Express routes. Light rail trains serve the station twenty hours a day on most days; the headway between trains is six minutes during peak periods with reduced frequency at other times. The station was built as part of the University Link Extension, which began construction in 2009 and opened on March 19, 2016.