Wikipedia article of the day for September 6, 2021

Wikipedia article of the day is Katie Joplin. Check it out: Article-Link Summary: Katie Joplin is an American sitcom created by Tom Seeley and Norm Gunzenhauser that aired for one season on The WB Television Network from August to September 1999. Park Overall plays the title character, a single mother who tries to balance her job as a radio program host with parenting her teenage son Greg (Jesse Head). Supporting characters include her boss, played by Jay Thomas (pictured), her niece (Ana Reeder), and her co-workers (Jim Rash and Simon Rex). The series was optioned as a mid-season replacement for the 1998–1999 television season, but was delayed for a year after production issues. Katie Joplin received the lowest ratings for any original program The WB aired in its time slot. Of the seven episodes filmed, only five were aired. Critics recommended Katie Joplin prior to its premiere and discussed the delay in its airing. Retrospective reviews of the series were negative.

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