M16 Close Up

A star cluster around 2 million years young surrounded by natal clouds of dust and glowing gas, M16 is also known as The Eagle Nebula. This beautifully detailed image of the region adopts the colorful Hubble palette and includes cosmic sculptures made famous in Hubble Space Telescope close-ups of the starforming complex. Described as elephant trunks or Pillars of Creation, dense, dusty columns rising near the center are light-years in length but are gravitationally contracting to form stars. Energetic radiation from the cluster stars erodes material near the tips, eventually exposing the embedded new stars. Extending from the ridge of bright emission left of center is another dusty starforming column known as the Fairy of Eagle Nebula. M16 lies about 7,000 light-years away, an easy target for binoculars or small telescopes in a nebula rich part of the sky toward the split constellation Serpens Cauda (the tail of the snake). via NASA https://ift.tt/2YEyAYC

Picture of the day for September 9, 2021

Wikipedia picture of the day on September 9, 2021: Issued 100 years ago: 50 Pfennig “Notgeld” banknote (emergency money) of Berlin, district Tiergarten (1921). The reverse shows the first German steamboat, the “Prinzessin Charlotte von Preußen”, around 1830.However the date 1830 is mistaken, as the “Charlotte von Preußen” was already dismantled in 1824. More Info

Wikipedia article of the day for September 9, 2021

Wikipedia article of the day is Huey Long. Check it out: Article-Link Summary: Huey Long (1893–1935), nicknamed “The Kingfish”, was a populist member of the Democratic Party from Louisiana who was nationally prominent in the U.S. during the Great Depression for his vocal criticism of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal, which Long deemed insufficiently radical. As an alternative, he proposed the Share Our Wealth program in 1934, advocating massive federal spending, a wealth tax, and wealth redistribution. Long served as the governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932 and as a member of the U.S. Senate from 1932 until his assassination in 1935. A controversial figure, Long is both celebrated as a populist champion of the poor and denounced as a fascistic demagogue. Poised for a 1936 presidential bid, Long was mortally wounded by a lone assassin in 1935. He left behind a political dynasty that included his wife Rose McConnell Long, his son Russell B. Long, and his brother Earl Long, among others.