RFID Scanner with WeMos, RC522, Homie MQTT & NodeRED in LEGO housing

Another link to an interesting report about a project in which a RC522 RFID reader was installed as an input station in a LEGO housing, the whole thing then very thoughtfully implemented with a microcontroller on 8266 basis and RasPi and software-side with Homie MQTT and implemented in NodeRED. All very worthwhile approaches, imho definitely worth a deeper insight regarding the chosen application technologies. And since LEGO bricks can be produced quite well in 3D printers nowadays (there are enough templates on thingiverse.com), the case can also be built without having to raid the children’s LEGO box.

RFID Scanner – WeMos, RC522, Homie MQTT & Node-RED

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A Guide to Buying and Modifying a Toyota MR2 (SW20)

Toyota MR2 W2

Revving Up Your Ride: A Guide to Buying and Modifying a Toyota MR2 (SW20)

Known sometimes as the W20 or SW20, the Toyota MR2 is a well-liked option among auto fans.
There are a few things to consider before browsing the ads to purchase one, though.
The following are things buyers should watch out for while getting and altering a SW20.

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source https://www.ways4.eu/blog/2023/01/28/toyota-mr2/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=toyota-mr2

Comet ZTF over Mount Etna

Comet-like plumes are blowing over the volcanic peaks of Mount Etna in this wintry mountain-and-skyscape from planet Earth. The stacked and blended combination of individual exposures recorded during the cold night of January 23, also capture naked-eye Comet ZTF just above Etna’s snowy slopes. Of course increasing sunlight and the solar wind are responsible for the comet’s greenish coma and broad dusty tail. This weekend Comet ZTF is dashing across northern skies between north star Polaris and the Big Dipper. From a dark site you can only just spot it as a fuzzy patch though. That’s still an impressive achievement if you consider you are gazing at a visitor from the distant Oort cloud with your own eyes. But binoculars or a small telescope will make for an even more enjoyable view of this Comet ZTF in the coming days. via NASA https://ift.tt/dmkhIue