Giti, A Permanent observer of your git directories, version 1.0.0 released.

Have you ever been in a situation that you lost all your git-based projects on your disk without backup them?

Do you want a tool that monitor your project directories/files and report you, which files changed and ready to stage/commit?

This is where giti will probably help you:

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Are you happy with Snap?

Snap packages is a prominent feature recently released in Ubuntu 20.04 and since its an LTS release, it must be here to stay. How do you feel about this new packaging system compared to the good old apt-get?

With robust and time-tested tools like synaptic and aptitude, I think apt was doing a great job already, so what was the need for Snap? If the goal was to create one standard packaging system across all distros, then that will only work if all other distros also unanimously adapt Snap but until that happens, upstream developers will have to ship both apt/dnf as well as snap versions of their apps. So, developers’ work has increased or decreased?

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Terminal Commands

Made a quick intro video about basic terminal commands for beginner programmers. Recently made the transition to vim and I remembered my first job out of university when I didn’t know terminal commands and how much knowing them has improved my productivity. Thought it might help someone else out there. There’s examples in there too.

20 Terminal Commands For Programmers

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ASCII Art Webcam Effect for Linux

Hi everybody, english is not my first language and i'm still learning, sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Like everybody else in this COVID 19 time, in my work we are practicing social distancing, so, all meetings are online. One coworker was using a background filter in Teams and i want to do the same, unfortunately, filters are not available for linux at this moment, so, i implement my own filter (for fun).

While researching how to implement filters, i found this excellent post:

In this post they use docker whit a model called BodyPix for generating a mask of the background, i did not like this. I remember a model called Deeplab, this model implement semantic image segmentation

So, i get a trained model form the model zoo

I implement it and!!!!

Input Image

Deeplab v3 inference Mask

Nice! but i find the borders too big for me, so i apply an erode filter

Deeplab v3 inference Mask + erode

Better. Next step is mix the input and the mask

Input + Mask

The result was not perfect (good for the work), the latency was ok whit my nvidia video card.

OK Background removal finished…. What i do now ? well… I love ASCII Art! y and found this cool post:

I implement the ASCII Art transformation function in my code and this is the result:

Result Image

Pretty cool.

So, next step is make this a make this behave like a Webcam, for that, we use pyfakewebcam and v4l2loopback (like in post) and we get this:

Result in movement

You can get the source code and install instructions in:

Thank you for reading.

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How io_uring and eBPF Will Revolutionize Programming in Linux

How io_uring and eBPF Will Revolutionize Programming in Linux
(read in full at The New Stack)

Covers how io_uring and eBPF work, and how they will impact async application development, using impact on the NoSQL database Scylla as an example.

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