Wikipedia article of the day for March 6, 2021

Wikipedia article of the day is Northern voalavo. Check it out: Summary: The northern voalavo (Voalavo gymnocaudus) is a rodent found in the highlands of northern Madagascar first discovered in 1994. It is the type species of the genus Voalavo, and its closest relative is the eastern voalavo of the Central Highlands. It is found at 1,250 to 1,950ย m (4,100 to 6,400ย ft) above sea level in montane wet and dry forests in the northern massifs. It is nocturnal, solitary and terrestrial, but it can climb and probably eats plant matter. Despite having a small range, the species is classified as being of least concern because it lacks obvious threats and mainly in protected areas. It is a small, mouse-like rodent with soft, gray fur, only slightly darker above than below. The ears are short and rounded. The long tail appears mostly naked and lacks a distinct tuft. The skull is delicate, with a long, narrow front part, narrow space between the eyes, and no development of ridges on the braincase. The molars are relatively high-crowned. It has a body mass of 17 to 25.5ย g (0.60 to 0.90ย oz). (Thisย article is part of a featured topic: Voalavo.)