Wikipedia article of the day for September 27, 2021

Wikipedia article of the day is Transandinomys. Check it out: Article-Link Summary: Transandinomys is a genus of rodents in the tribe Oryzomyini of the family Cricetidaeā€”a grouping of medium-sized, soft-furred rice rats. It includes two speciesā€”T.Ā bolivaris and T.Ā talamancaeā€”found in forests from Honduras in Central America to southwestern Ecuador and northwestern Venezuela in South America. The upperpartsā€”brownish in T.Ā bolivaris and reddish in T.Ā talamancaeā€”are much darker than the whitish underparts. Both species are characterized by very long vibrissae (whiskers), but those of T.Ā bolivaris are particularly long. In addition, several other morphological differences distinguish the two, including wider first upper molars in T.Ā bolivaris. Both species live on the ground, are active during the night, eat both plant and animal matter, and construct nests of vegetation. They are hosts to various external parasites. They are in no apparent danger of extinction and have been assessed as least-concern species on the IUCN Red List.