Diagnose open source project issues faster

Hey! I made this webapp which you can use to record and share screen recordings with.

Imagine you work on an open source project and issues pour in but you can't reproduce them. With https://shareit.video you can ask the issue creators to show you what's going wrong.

If you like, you can leave an upvote on product hunt:


Let me know what you think!

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YouTube Pocket Timestamp via /r/reactjs

As a musician, I often need to save particularly moment in some video(concert, podcast, or some interesting melody) and it bugged me through years that YouTube doesn't allow saving videos to the playlist with the timestamp.

So, I created this small React/Redux app for saving the exact part in the videos by simply pasting. It seems like a small feature, but trust me, I had enough with coping links to Word and revisiting them.

It's not finished though, I'm just showing you a demo, and I would love to hear some suggestions or improvements. Heck, I will share the code, and maybe some of you have an idea for improvement in specific parts.



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Clean create-react-app template via /r/reactjs

As I've been learning react lately, always creating react apps with the basic npx CRA command and I found myself always deleting the extra stuff generated (test files, service worker, etc.), which I wasn't ever using; I don't think many are either, specially in small or learning projects. So, I decided to create a template called clean-cra. It removes test files, icons, tags inside public html and app jsx, service worker files and unnecesary imports after that cleanup. Also keeps only index.css for styles, which now includes original cra template background color. I'm dropping the npm link so you guys can give it a try (instructions of use care there). I know this might be something trivial, but I know it will save time for many newcomers and maybe even old react developers. Cheers to all.

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set of Free React UI Templates,Components for creating Beautiful Landing Pages easily via /r/reactjs


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Data for React app without API via /r/reactjs

I just had to make a sample app for an interview for a React developer position and I had to mock some data up to show an interface by importing the json I mocked up.

How would you go about fetching data to imitate an API without building one?

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Do you have a bunch of reusable generic components as a personal library? via /r/reactjs

I remember like six months a person came to my university to give us a React Native talk. He claimed that with time he built a library of reusable components in such a way that he was able to build many basic mobile apps in just about two or three days with not much effort.

I found this quite interesting but at that time I did not know anything about React, so I did not ask anything about it because I would not understand much of it.

However, now that I’ve been getting more familiar with React and have found myself building the same things such as a navigation component, a loading component, a table component, etc, over and over again in different small projects I feel like having a library of my own would be a good idea to avoid repeating the same code with almost no variation over many different projects.

Have you done something like this for yourself or would you consider doing it? As I don’t have much professional experience with React myself, opinions are highly appreciated!


Note: I know at the beginning I mentioned RN, but I think that for this particular question, there’s no much difference between RN and React.

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